Our Story

When I moved to Santa Barbara, California from suburban Philadelphia in 2008, I wanted to enjoy all the “fun in the sun” this big move to the west coast had to offer. I soon found out that a few “standard issue” transportation toys were required. So along with a surfboard and volleyball, a beach cruiser bike and a motor scooter were mandatory.

But there was a problem. You see I made the move with my best friend of well, 16 years now – my beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Butch (aka Ralph). While we spent lots of time together in this very dog friendly town, it simply wasn’t enough. Taking Butchie Boy to the beach or park in my car wasn’t an issue, but when I wanted to ride my bike or scooter, I had to leave him behind. It broke my heart! I mean, here I am having a blast bopping around town while he’s back home all alone (not a good scenario for a Jack Russell terrorist). The ONLY reason he couldn’t join in the fun was because I had no way of transporting him. I tried stuffing the poor guy in a bike basket. A dangerous fail! I crammed him in a backpack while I road my scooter. An ever more dangerous fail! I had to find a solution!

Well, as the saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention” and within one year of landing in Santa Barbara, I had invented the “The ButchBox PoochPod”! With a patent pending and trademark submitted in early 2012, the PoochPods remain the most convenient and safe pet transport system for motor scooters, bikes, motorcycles and golf carts/door less electric vehicles.

The PoochPod’s are about more than just transporting. With your pet able to observe the surroundings, poking out of the protective pod, like life itself - it’s about the ride and the journey and not just the final destination! Your pet can not only have that “head out the window feeling….all the time”, but also be the star of the ride! Prepare yourself now for all the attention your pet (if you think the attention is for you – you’re wrong) will receive, the pictures being taken and the constant comment…”that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen”!

Welcome to the world of the PoochPod! Born in Santa Barbara – made for the dog eat dog world!