~Dan - Honolulu, Hawaii~



Aloha Ric,

I just moved to Hawaii from Buellton where I ran the Flying Flags RV Resort for 20 years.  Who knew I could have picked it up a PoochPod on my way here?  I just have to tell you I spent a two weeks trying to find something to use on my scooter for my Miniature Schnauzer.  I don’t know why your product took so long to come up in my searches but I absolutely love it!  More importantly so does she!  It is so simple, safe & versatile.  When I don’t have Pepper with me it is perfect for carrying my groceries.  When I do have her there isn’t a single person that I pass that doesn’t point at us.  I think it’s just a matter of time before I start getting asked where I got it.  So don’t be surprised if you get some referrals from me. 

 ~Dan - Honolulu, Hawaii~


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